This app allows you to receive push notifications from MQTT environments. The app communicates with the public MQTT push server (, which in turn connects to an MQTT server and sends messages via the Apple or Google push services. The app allows the configuration of push notifications for defined MQTT topics, which are automatically monitored by the MQTT push server. In the case of activity, these are immediately forwarded to the app, which outputs the message as a push notification. Push notifications are delivered automatically even if the app is not running.

In addition to receiving push notifications for registered topics, MQTT actions can also be defined to send an MQTT message which can then trigger an action with the recipients.

The app offers the following fields of application:

The dashboard view has a graphical user interface in which display and control elements (“dashes”) can be created. These dashes can be used to monitor and control any actions, such as lighting, temperature display, weather, light color, heating control, home automation, to name just a few possibilities. Dash controls offer switches, sliders, text display, selection lists and web views, which are displayed as groupable interactive tiles.


This app has been designed as an addition to an existing MQTT environment and provides an easy-to-use interface with the ability to receive MQTT messages as push notifications.

These conditions must already be met:

If no own MQTT server is available, a public MQTT server, for example from Arduino Hannover, can be used. At an account for the MQTT server can be created.

When setting up a new server connection the MQTT push server “” is already preset and can be used with any MQTT server.